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About AfterPlant 

AfterPlant is an educational platform and social networking site to help you prepare for a plant medicine ceremony and deeply understand the integration process afterwards so you can transform the gems of your journey into your next elevated reality. This is accomplished through organized topics, in-depth content, expert guidance, articles, interviews, videos, courses, workbooks, group calls, discussions, a living library, intentional online community and more.

This is for you if...

You have had or are considering to have a master plant ceremony experience with any awakening medicine including with these teacher spirits:

You want answers, information, community and support to help take you (or your clients) to the next level.

You want to know more about how to integrate and/or you already know how important integration is and After Plant is the answer to your prayers.

You are eager to learn, integrate your lessons and elevate your life (and if you have clients help them to uplevel theirs too)

Why Join AfterPlant

We connect you with who and what you need to know before and beyond the ceremony. Meet like-hearted soul family, fellow journeyers, facilitators, coaches, experts, and leaders with a purpose, get valuable insights, loads of pertinent information you won't find anywhere else, learn from experts in entheogen integration and get access to premium courses and private focus groups.

What you get when you join AfterPlant                                                     

  • Discover 9 Portals organized by plant medicine 
  • Learn How to Prepare and How to Integration 
  • Explore History of Use, Tradition, Effects & More...
  • View Profiles, meet people like you 
  • Watch Expert Videos and Interviews 
  • Read Interesting Articles, News & Research 
  • Listen to Authentic Ceremony Music 
  • Participate in Shared Interest Groups 
  • Share your Experiences/ Read Others Experiences
  • Find FAQ and Resources 
  • Phone App 
  • Member chat  
  • Be Involved in Monthly Group Integration calls 
  • Discover An Integration Jump Start Workbook & Discussion Portal (Forum) 
  • Review Events Calendar 
  • More inside...

Come on inside! 

There is a whole living library that will satisfy your quest for knowledge and a vibrant community waiting to meet you!

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for joining AfterPlant. Integration after a plant medicine experience is a powerful step towards your best life path. Your contribution to this network is an investment in yourself as well as an investment in a better future for an integrated humankind. 

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